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Product Mapping
What Is It And Wher Can I Get One

Have you ever found yourself needing to upgrade or repair something, you take the object apart, find the part that needs to be swapped, and the first things that come to mind are: “What is It?” And “Where can I get one?”

Are you a manufacturer that, in the construction of your products, you use unique or custom components? Do you have a system set up to capitalize on side sales when someone wishes to upgrade or make repairs? Do you make it easy for your potential customers to know the parts in question and provide an easy way for them to be ordered? If you do not, have you considered the revenue lost in not providing such information and opportunities?

Product mapping makes finding the right component easy and the order process a seamless shopping experience.

Try out our demo. Not know the part? Simply hover over it, and it will provide a name, information, and link to allow ordering. Alternatively, use the menu to the left. Scroll over the name and watch the product component highlighted in the image provided. Another option is to use the Search Box if you know a portion but not the full name of a component.

Open up sales opportunities, drive revenue, and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Give product mapping a try today.