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Benefits and Services

Highlight up to 16 products at a time with full control.
The friendly administrative interface flows seamlessly from admin to frontend.
The user friendliness flows seamlessly from admin to frontend.
Natively adjusts to meet mobile users on their specific device.
We pride ourselves in having the most ready to go, out of the box platform for the weapons community in the entire world.
This industry is unique on so many levels. Few other industries are forced to operate directly with their business competitors. At Weapons Commerce we have addressed these challenges head on with innovative opportunities for everyone to win in the process.
We offer the most advanced FFL to sale tie in map on the planet. Automatically figuring out if a customer needs an FFL referral or not. If so, we offer them the cleanest and most complete valid FFL list in the world. We add hundreds of FFL’s a week. Are you an FFL and are you included? Check out our Gun Demo site here, and if you do not see your listing PLEASE LET US KNOW as we want to be able to provide you equal opportunity for FREE placement.
Firearms purchases are dynamically linked to our advanced FFL mapping service.

If an FFL is REQUIRED at checkout for a firearm the notice you receive as the admin and all associated invoices highlight the FFL requirement and provide you the needed info to easily meet legal transfer guidelines. This includes the most complete list of contact information available to make the process as simple as possible.
When a product requires FFL transfers our built in FFL mapping feature guides the customer to relevant FFL’s reported operating in their desired areas and allows auto-selection at checkout to easily add it to the online order process. No research needed on their behalf. Quick, easy and access to the most accurate valid FFL listing on the planet. The less roadblocks for the customer mean higher proportions of checkouts. The more roadblocks the greater your percentages of shopping cart abandonment.

If you are an FFL with a website do you utilize ecommerce sales? If so, does your current platform offer a more efficient and accurate FFL map on checkout? If not, what percentage of your customers do you think drop out of the cart? What is this costing you in lost sales? What are your lost opportunities? Why do you accept this? Are you ready to make more online weapon sales? Check out our Gun Demo site here!

Why NOT have something that nice?
Even few in the Weapons industry understand the complex and ever-changing landscape of the FFL community. Because of the dynamically changing nature of the industry Weapons Commerce not only provides FFL mapping but we also maintain the cleanest FFL list with regular updates for our online ecommerce vendors. Hundreds of listings are added and edited weekly.

If you are an FFL with ecommerce, and FFL Mapping - How accurate, inclusive, and up to date is it? Inaccurate, incomplete, and out of date listings can cost both the customer and weapon store administrators time and extra work when dealing with outdated, incomplete, inaccurate, and inappropriate FFL transfer data. Because the frequency of change in the industry is literally daily, Weapons Commerce is the only platform to take this into consideration and offers the BEST and CLEANEST mapping alternative. Weapons Commerce helps remove roadblocks and rev up sales.Check out our Gun Demo site here!
Are you an FFL and NOT LISTED? Do a checkout through our gun store demo! If you do not see your store listed or your listing is incomplete, please let us know for requested changes and we will be happy to update and include them FREE.

Do you want to both accept and ENCOURAGE FFL transfers and related sales? Update your map profile with other key related info such as: alternative phone numbers, hours of operation, email, text, social accounts, website, etc. Have you thought about an in-store transfer coupon that encourages customers to stick around your store while picking up their online purchase?

You now have the opportunity to encourage transferees to buy accessories to their online purchase such as range memberships, ammo, holsters, slings or other store products and services? Are you taking advantage of this huge opportunity? If not, why? Products, in-store services, and accessories often have the greatest markup and generate the greatest profit. If looking for solutions like this WE CAN HELP!
When transfers are needed it is helpful for the customer to understand upfront what the transfer fee is to their choice of FFL’s. If you are an FFL, PLEASE TEST OUR GUN STORE DEMO . If your do not accept FFL transfers, please let us know to make your FFL listing non-public. At Weapons Commerce we believe you have the right to privacy and non-harassment when FFL Transfers do not match your FFL Services. If you DO ACCEPT FFL transfers, and if your store is listed, have we updated your listing to show your proper Transfer Fees? If not, let us know what your fees and other relevant information is and we will be happy to update our system to properly reflect your fees, pricing structure, relevant hours, instore services, relevant promotions, etc..
So, you not only do FFL Transfers, but you want to encourage them? Smart Transfer agents with good stock understand the value of making an instore sale. Side products, merchandise and services often have the highest markup and create the greatest opportunity for profits. We can help you capitalize on this opportunity by helping provide consumer awareness to your promotions and marketing for FFL transfer pickups to encourage greater in-store sales with your store’s local market. If looking for solutions like this WE CAN HELP.
One the biggest hurdles in the industry is access to affordable inventory. The Weapons industry in general is fickle. The supply chain is antiquated and undependable. Do you NEED a product that fits a buyer’s need but don’t have it? Maybe you have a product that fits another store’s needs that you have been unable to move effectively?

Weapons Commerrce maintains a proprietary “BLOCK INVENTORY™” system similar to Block Chain technology that creates a more cross industry pipeline of more efficient inventory and supply chain management.

We provide an inside-shoppers club that allows “Shops to Shop™” on your customer’s request from inside sources offering inside incentives. Everybody selling needs more inventory accessibility! Two of the biggest hurdles to new growth is the cost of inventory and / or lack of access. We help reduce that need and incentivize growth through “Shared Resource Management”. (14%/6% split { cost/fair market value } -20% = 14% to (purchased from) store and 6% to WC). Final receiving store then adds their own markup. Are you looking for “Inventory Solutions”? WE CAN HELP.
You are a Store and you need to find and buy available product at a fair price. Distribution channels are drying up and you need to “Fill A Need” for your local customer, at a local shop, with fair local pricing. We understand this is a ground roots market and that pricing is local market driven and that many factors enter in that process including government regulation, taxes and other regulatory fee structures. LOCAL Fair Market Value IS NOT THE SAME NECESSARILY as Fair Market Value (FMV). FMV is based on an average and does not account for regional variations, regulations, etc. To put it simply, on a local market, things may have higher pricing as compared to the fair market value based on local conditions. In many cases customers are willing to pay more for the “Convenience” of in-store and one-stop acquisition and ordering. It is these economic incentives that can help cover your cost of operations, while providing ready and available stock for the convenience of your customers. EVERYBODY WINS!

If a shop provides an invoice of purchase “cost of good” this can be used over fair market pricing when determining member rates. This helps the store understand the value it is getting, helps determine a fair margin, helps establish a fair pricing model and more easily address budgeting, profit and loss, and other key administrative tasks. Contact us to learn how we can help you.
Providing insight for a range of administrative needs.
Built in tax management included in shopping cart calculation and collection. Additional accounting, financial, and related reports to make it easy to manage taxes.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to solid online performance in the Weapons industry. At Weapons Commerce we have had over 2 decades of direct experience in high level SEO, understand its critical role in online success, and have built it natively within our ecommerce platform. In addition to the built in SEO features our system allows for easy custom SEO upgrades that stores can further use to enhance their online success both to a local market and with a broad audience.
Payment Processing is a big factor in the Weapons industry. Many popular payment processors such as PayPal and platforms such as Shopify are NOT FRIENDLY to the industry. If you have a Weapons industry friendly payment processor, we can likely tie it directly into our platform. If needing a payment processor, we can make the appropriate referral. If additional assistance is needed, we also offer in house payment processing (PayFlex™) at a fair rate.
Cost + 4.5% + .31 processing fee. Interested? Let us know
Get the best values in the industry when purchasing from larger brands. By shared buying and use of our “BLOCK INVENTORY™” system you can buy cheaper, gain greater margins, and vastly improve overall profits.
Need syndicated blogs, syndicated social, syndicated email, marketing placement, promotion enhancements, etc.? Tell US More About Your Store and we will be happy to provide guidance. From platform mashups to complete customizations, Weapons Commerce has your weapons related, ecommerce needs covered.
Whether updating and publishing your own blogs, adding syndicated blog content, or a mix of the two, Weapon Seeker makes managing your blog process easy.
2 Step Drill Down ammo service. In 2 clicks your ammo purchasing customer should be seeing the most relevant fit to their ammo choices. Check out our Gun Demo site here. We make it easy.
Need to FEATURE an item? Of course, you do! More than likely you want to FEATURE more than one item. We make it easy to feature in over 16+ dedicated spots on your websites main store page. At Weapons Commerce we provide an unparalleled brand building platform. Within these 16+ spots inventory can be rotated endless and infinitely based on administrative goals and direction.
Allow people to put themselves on a waiting list providing them updates on inventory arrival. This promotes quick inventory turnover, maximum returns, and provides insight as to wise purchase decisions.
Get administrative notices when you need to consider re-orders or stock requests.
One-page management console for easy management of product, price, quantity, descriptions, notes, stock numbers, SEO data, Featuring, etc. Save tons of time administratively. The more active your store becomes the more value in efficiencies this service will provide.
Based on original ecommerce store build requirements you will have the ability to customize your web stores colors, fonts, on page promotions, product placement, advanced features, theming, inventory transfers, imports and more.
We want your weapons related store to have YOUR feel. We want your new ecommerce store to be as unique as you are. We can start with a basic template and customize from there giving your store a unified and unique brand alignment.
The Weapons industry is unique and gaining access to curated content may be cost prohibitive. If you are a Weapons Commerce ecommerce store member, we can provide access to our “Owned Media” library where you will have access to images, video, blogs, or other unique content?

Interested in sharing your unique content and GETTING PAID? Great! Earn Royalties with each member in-store media purchase. Members get great content at a GREAT PRICE. The better your content the more sales it will drive. Earn royalty revenue quick and easy.

Use high value content to expand your brand.

Member Cost is per media object.

We have a 60/40 split.

Payout each time your royalty balance hits $30.

Let your content earn EVERYONE profits, 24/7/365.


Want To Know More?

FREE built in SSL Certification, https: notation, encryption services, spam manager, virus filters, ip blockers, and more.
Finely control access levels based on member groups and assign tasks without cross error conflicts.
Gain access to advance tracking technologies such as Google Analytics and other data management toolsets.
For those who need a payment processor we can provide processing service for $35mth plus a transaction charge of $.31 + 4.5% per charge. Payouts are made on a quarterly payout schedule and are based on last previous quarter.

Once 100 transactions have been completed without dispute you can move to a plan with monthly payouts + a one-time deposit equal to the average charge of your last 100 orders.

At any point you may move to your own dedicated payment processor. Balance due will be paid based on the payout schedule + return of deposit – any disputed charges.

At any point that a chargeback/dispute is made in an amount equivalent or exceeding your deposit a replenish fee will be assessed to bring it back to necessary deposit levels.

For those who need a payment processor we can provide processing service for $35mth plus a transaction charge of $.31 + 4.5% per charge.

Payouts are made on a quarterly payout schedule and are based on previous quarter.

Once 100 transactions have been completed without dispute you can move to a plan with monthly payouts + a one-time deposit equal to average charge of last 100 transactions.

At any point that a chargeback/dispute is made an amount equivalent to that fee will be reduced from your payment in order to replenish your deposit.

Any chargeback fees incurred are charged at rate of chargeback plus 10%. Why is this? In the event someone has a dispute and the disputing party wins their case WE incur that loss. To reduce this risk, we allow a proper time to cover any possible disputes.

The extra 10% is to cover our administrative service in handling the dispute on your behalf.

Chargebacks hurt your reputation and ours. Those who have more than 4 chargebacks in a year will be subject to losing their payment processing privileges and payment processing deposit. If you lose this privilege it will then be up to you to find an acceptable alternative payment processor. Chargebacks are a serious thing. We only support responsible sales and vendors.
Logo Work - $99 - $149 based on complexity and creative process

Banners - $79+

Layout modifications - $119hr

Custom Ad-on services – will be quoted based on job

At Weapons Commerce we know having the right inventory, at the right time for a fair price can seem next to impossible. Through our Inventory Share service we can help your store to acquire otherwise hard to get products by using a shared inventory approach.

If you need another product on the share list you simply pay a 6% convenience fee while taking advantage of Weapons Commerce insider discounts and everyone in the chain WINS.
Weapons Commerce supports the Weapons community and is looking for skilled contract workers who are in favor of 2nd Amendment Rights. We are looking for designers, coders, technology providers, support staff, marketing and promotion managers, web developers, web designers, template makers, publishers, bloggers, IT support, influencers, photographers, videographers, voice over artists, etc. If you have a skill set that is advantageous for the Weapons community and are pro 2nd Amendment, we encourage you to notify us so we can put you on our list of resources.

The storm is always on the horizon, at no point in history has the Weapons related industry and community become more at threat than we are NOW!!!

Pandemics, Looting, Riots, Loss of Liberty, Tyrannic Rule, Religi-phobia™, poor political management, political corruption, internal race wars, external race targeting, political correctness, wokeness, etc. The trajectory of attack is constantly going up.

JOIN with Weapons Commerce TODAY! The time to align values is at present. We must act united to defeat the evil that attacks us from all sides.

The Time Is Now to begin circling the wagons. When you become a Weapons Commerce client you are joining our circle in defense of: Pro-Weapon – Pro-Life™.

What is Pro-Weapon – Pro-Life™? The concept is simple. When your life, your family's life, or someone in close contact under unjust cause is at risk, you have a right to defend “By Any Means Necessary: Gun, Knife, Chokehold, Brick, etc. ALL ARE ACCEPTABLE”. Your best defense is typically with a weapon of some kind.

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